Founder - Dimitri Brinias

We approach our business in the same way we live our lives, with passion, integrity and a genuine interest and desire to help others. We like to keep it uncomplicated for you coupled with our incredible knowledge for remedial massage and all the facets that come with taking care of your body in this modern age.

It is important for us to make meaningful and impactful changes and contributions to the lives of our clients and love to support our community as well as local shops and suppliers.

Dimitri comes from a professional sports background with an esteemed career playing professional soccer in Europe for 10 years throughout different leagues. This is where his passion for remedial massage came from, constantly seeing the results of remedial massage on the most elite sportsmen from around the globe. It was his desire to share this love with his home town, Adelaide. Which is where Revitalise Massage was born.

Since 2009 Revitalise Massage has been one of Adelaide’s most recognised clinics for remedial massage therapies in Adelaide. The team at Revitalise Massage see clients from all different age groups.

When Dimitri isn’t seeing to your remedial massage needs he’s spending time doing all the fun stuff families do, with his wife Marie, and three children, Alina, Daisy and Billy. He is also keeping his love in the game of soccer, coaching a club at senior level as the goalkeeper coach within the FFSA NLP.

At its core, the most important part to us is to enjoy what we do, and have as much fun as we can along the way.

Dimitri is fantastic! Having played and worked professionally in soccer here and internationally he has clearly built up fantastic skills in identifying problem areas and fixing them better than anyone else I've ever seen.
Very friendly, extremely competent and knows his craft very well. Would highly recommend Dimitri to anybody who has sore or achy muscles. Definitely a 5-star experience.
Dimi is very knowledgeable and professional. He has a very friendly disposition whilst remaining respectful and courteous.
Excellent Remedial Therapist - good strong hands.
Dimi is always on time and helpful with aches and pains that we might have. Always feel better after a massage with him.
Dimi is extremely well qualified and provides 100% amazing treatment to alleviate your aches and pains. Very personable and willing to assist at all times. I would highly recommend him.
Dimitri is very professional and knowledgeable with regards to his treatment and identified appropriate measures to help my complaints.
Very helpful Listens well Suggests appropriate appointment timing as improvement occurs.
Very thorough and excellent masseuse who will de-stress your body and life. Always greets me nicely and has good conversational skills.
Highly professional and the treatment was exactly what I needed. He explained the issues and what to expect in the days following and he was spot on.
Amazing very good about recommendations about how to help. Fantastic communicating and most of all I’m feeling better. Highly recommend.
Excellent remedial therapist who in the past has cured a few personal aches that doctors and physiotherapists were unable to. Good strong hands, would always recommend.

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