Foot reflexology Adelaide

So many of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Foot reflexology in Adelaide focuses solely on – you guessed it – the feet and improves nerve and blood supply, essentially helping nature to normalise. The focus of foot reflexology is on relaxation and balancing the body systems.

Our foot reflexology in Adelaide is based on the belief that every reflex zone begins in the foot, and then travels to the head through the vital organs. Therefore, by exerting pressure on different parts of the soles and sides of feet, various muscles and vital organs can be reached.

Here at Revitalise Massage we use the Ingham Method of foot reflexology. Pressure is applied to your feet by “thumb walking”, which means the thumb (or finger) bends and straightens whilst maintaining a constant pressure across the area of your foot. And worthy of a mention: we’ll always work within your pain tolerance level.

If you suffer from sore soles and arches, then foot reflexology would benefit you.

Foot reflexology Adelaide promotes good health

Our feet hold the weight of our whole body! Such a big responsibility when you think about it right! Which means we need to take good care of our feet. Here at Revitalise Massage we believe in a holistic approach towards taking care of ourselves and our bodies and it’s important to start somewhere.

“Foot reflexology is a roadmap to your relaxation”

Foot reflexology Adelaide makes your feet healthier

A regular foot massage is one easy way to help keep your feet healthy and free from foot problems Foot reflexology helps stimulate the muscles around your feet, helps to lessen stiffness and even reduces the pain you may feel in the ankles or in your heels.

Foot reflexology Adelaide relieves body pains

Our feet are made up of many trigger points that reflex back and around our whole bodes. Here at Revitalise Massage we use the Ingham Method of foot reflexology. By applying “thumb walking” pressure to your feet we can assist to treat various pains such as neck pain, lower and upper back pain, headaches, and migraines.

Foot reflexology Adelaide helps in relaxation

A lovely way to relax after a big week of work is through a strategic reflexology foot massage. If you stand up all day, walk around for most of the day you will find your feet tend to swell. This is an automatic and natural response from our bodies, which therefore makes us feel pretty tired.

Massage and foot reflexology can improve feelings of general well-being and encourage your relaxation.

Foot reflexology Adelaide improves blood circulation

By using our feet muscles properly, we encourage good blood flow around our bodies. However due to our busy lives and modern lifestyle many of us are not using our feet properly. High heels, tight shoes and pointy shoes all reduce the circulation to the feet decreasing the flow of oxygen.

Foot reflexology here at Revitalise Massage will help in transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, including the feet, which is essential for your overall health and wellbeing.

Foot reflexology Adelaide promotes better sleep

We all love a good sleep and know the benefits it has on our mind body and soul. We function better, are in a better mood and can think clearer after a good night’s sleep. What is unfortunate is that you can’t bank sleep (and I bet you wish you could), which is why it’s important we ensure we get enough amount of z’s every night and go to bed relaxed.

Soothing and relaxing foot reflexology improves your blood circulation helping you to get a peaceful sleep.

Are you ready to relax?